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Check out our Taiwan & Korea Customer Reviews!❤️How good is the two-side sleeping blanket?

Caring for the sleep quality of your pet requires, among other things, a well-chosen bed is most important.😴😴

Have you tried out the sleeping blanket launched by the Korean pet brand ARRR yet?

Maybe you have seen a lot of advertisements, but still not sure about it...

We collected actual reviews from the customers from Korea and Taiwan, as well as cute photo sharing of their cute furkids!🤩

Korea's official website has accumulated 933 reviews!
Also got a high score of 4.4 stars~

Let's take a look ▼🤭


Customer: Xu**

Haha seems to be really satisfied! As soon as I opened the blanket and put it on the ground, he immediately found a most relaxing position to lie down.


Customer: Park**

I always hear a lot of my friends mention ARRR... until I receive the product, I understand why! My pet sleeps on the blanket after the moment I take it out from the parcel box. You can tell how comfortable and fluffy the materials are. And now I cant wait to try out other products from ARRR!


Customer: Guo**

My kids love this soft and fluffy blanket so much~~


Customer: Lee**

It's softer than I expected! My dog fell asleep on it almost everyday ~ He is nearly 4kg, and I bought an M size that is just right in size, and it is convenient to bring it everywhere. I'm really satisfied, also the colors on both sides look good.


Customer: Hong**

It's really super soft, a must-buy product! My pet is using it and can tell that she is very satisfied!


Customer: Park**

Our child has been with us for 15 years, he is about 1.5kg, a supermini size dog, I don't want to think about how much time he still be able to stay with me, I just hope that he is always happy, healthy and give him as much as I can. Got him this sleeping blanket and seems he love it! 


Customer: Han**

My kid who is still recovering from the surgery, I just couldn't bear to watch him sleep on the cold floor, so I bought him this two side blanket. And now he is enjoying his new blanket. Luckily I get L size, which has more space for him to adjust his position to find the most comfortable sleep posture.


Customer: Seung**

My cat will never come down anymore~~~


Customer: Choi**

The fabric is really soft and comfortable~~ Our family Poli is now very satisfied and using it everyday~!

Customer: Char**

Always feels so pitiful to saw him lie on the floor of the room T.T and I finally bought him a sleeping blanket, and you can tell he is enjoying haha.


Customer: Kim**


My cat (1.2kg) was not willing to lie on it at first, but now every time I come back home, I watch her lie on it hahaha!


Customer: Hyun**

My kids love it so much, they don't want to come down~~ ^^ I decided to buy one more and put it in the room~


IG @jrt.geezi

ARRR's Sleeping blanket, dual-use for different weather!

The fluffy side is so so so soft ~ even myself would like to sleep on it too (HAHA


IG @pipi_bullpig

My Pangpi is enjoying the new blanket~Just roll and rock on it!
And this is a two-sided blanket that makes it more useful!


IG @o.omumi

This blanket is double-sided, one side is cool and feels like silk, and the other side is soft and fluffy. So it can be used in summer and winter! And I love that you can remove the cover and wash it. 


IG @budi.qt

I often take Budi out for a staycation. and because he is not allowed to sleep in the hotel bedroom, so he can only sleep on the floor. which might be very cold during nighttime. Now with this two side blanket. I can bring it out together with us! It's lightweight and easy to carry out.


IG @ollie_juno2020

    The two sides have different materials: cool in summer and warm in winter. Juno usually sleeps on the marble floor at home, but now he sleeps on the sleeping blanket!~~


    IG @moju237

    Ever since i bought ARRR's sleeping blanket , no matter if it is hot summer or cold winter, my pet is always lying on it!
    I really like the design. On the one hand, it uses nano processing to lower the temperature to provide a cool feeling on the raw silk of the cooling material; on the other hand, it uses the most advanced ultra-fine silk material to provide a warm and comfortable feeling~
    and also it's very easy to clean! The main body and the cover can be easily separated! ♡


    arrr Sleeping Blanket
    -Suitable for both cats and dogs-
    Cool in summer / Warm in winter
    Keep your pets comfortable and cozy all seasons👌👌

    🥰It's time to buy a good quality blanket for you pet!▼





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