3 Ways to Protect Your Dog & Cat’s Paws All Year Round 🐶 🐱

3 Ways to Protect Your Dog & Cat’s Paws All Year Round 🐶 🐱

Paw problems in dogs / cats may not be obvious to pet parents, but if left untreated, these issues can cause a lot of discomfort for our canine friends.

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To prevent paw problems such as torn nails, pad burns, and frostbite, it’s important that pet parents learn to protect their dog / cat’s paws all year round. 

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Why is important to take care Pet's Paw ▼

Ⅰ. Paw supports important parts of the joints, which can reduce the joint burden caused by walking and jumping

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While getting older, dogs and cats will degenerate gradually,
bone friction between joints will getting serious,
and is easy to get arthritis. We have to be careful!

Taking good care of pets paw, exercise regularly, and
weight control can prevent arthritis to happen.

Ⅱ. Be careful with floor cleaners

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Some floor cleaners contain hash chemicals that just aren't good for your pet's paws. They're trying to lick their paws sometimes and ingest more of chemicals.

Ⅲ. Take walks during cooler times 

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To further protect your dog’s paws from freezing or burning out, you
should avoid bringing the puppy out when the temperatures are extreme.
Recommends walking in morning or evening is the best ~

Ⅳ. The paw pads help to protect the body's body from impact as well
as from the temperature and also help to dissipate heat and regulate 

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What can you do when your furry child's paw 
getting dry and cracked !

There are 3 main reasons ▼ 


The weather in autumn and winter is relatively dry and is easy to get lack of water. Especially, dogs shouldn’t stay out in the cold too long.
Also during summer, dog shouldn't exposed to a hot surface for a long time,
it can potentially cause sores or blisters to develop on your dog’s paw pads.

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 ② Lack of vitamins

Like humans, animals may also lack vitamin E or other trace elements. We often use hand creams or moisturizing body lotions for skin care during the change of seasons in winter. Dogs, cats and cats also need some external moisture to help them moisturize their paws. They spend the winter!

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③ Older dogs and cats 

As people are getting older, the body's metabolism slows down, cause the skin to dry and dehydrated. Same as older furry kids, their paws will become fragile and dry if we don't take good care of them.😭

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If pets feel pain from their paws but don't know how to express, what can we do to help them? ▼

ⅰ. Keep the paws clean and dry

Make sure to clean their paws every time when going out, paws can easily stick to the dirt, and it increases the chance of bacterial growth~

Recommend to Use:arrr Waterless Bubble Cleanser



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This product comes with a brush for the cleaning process. It's made with 
soft bristles that are gentle to the skin. 

 Before & After ▼

Simple Steps ➤

First, use a wet  towel to remove the dirt → Pump out 
ARRR Waterless Bubble Cleanser and gently rub it on the paws
→ Use a clean and dry towel wipe out the bubble → It's done💛

 arrr Waterless Bubble Cleanser 


ⅱ. Apply skin care cream or natural oil, moisturize
and replenish moisture 

If your pet’s paw has problems such as dryness or peeling, you can put pet's paw into warm water, or apply warm towel on pet's paw for 5-10 minutes.
After drying, apply skin care cream or natural oil, massage slowly until it absorbed~

But this type of product must pay attention to the ingredients. Sometimes pets will lick on their paw. We should make sure the ingredients are safe for our pets~

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Before & After▼

Simple steps ▼

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ⅲ. Trim paw hair and nails regularly

If the nails or hair are too long, it is easy to hide dirt inside, cause inflammation and bacteria to grow ! Trim it regularly is a must~

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arrr Safe Nail Clipper  
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Compare with other brand▼ 

Complete quickly, prevent broken nails, pet injuries or even bleeding💯


These are the 3 key points to protect Your Pet’s Paws
Regularly Check Your Pet's Paws is the best way to protect them 🧡

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