Worried about your furkid getting heat stroke in this hot weather? This cute little vest is highly recommended by pet owners in Korea! Pets need to enjoy a ‘cool’ Summer too!

Worried about your furkid getting heat stroke in this hot weather? This cute little vest is highly recommended by pet owners in Korea! Pets need to enjoy a ‘cool’ Summer too!

The scorching hot sun outside is really unbearable~ There are many ‘cooling’ products in the market, such as clothes, mattresses, summer quilts, pillows and all sorts of things…

By getting these products, they not only help to cool down your body, but also brighten up your mood :) However, as we get to enjoy such products, what about our pets? They need tender loving care as well! ❤️

Dogs have higher body temperature than humans and they have fur…! Summer is actually a season that they find it extremely uncomfortable (worse than us). Hence, taking a walk outdoors or if your dog stays at home for a long period of time, there may be a risk of heat stroke. 

▼ The weather is so hot and to leave him alone at home, I’m worried… ▼

If the dog’s heatstroke is severe, or if no preventive measures are taken in time, there is a danger of shock and death. It is important that you pay attention to your dog’s physical condition if the weather is hot, or when you bring it for some outdoor fun. 

Now, there are more cool products available for our furry friends! Today, let me introduce to you this super cute clothing that can cool down your little precious’s body temperature. What is so special about this product?


POINT 1) Cooling Fiber

arrr Cool Vest is made of a material called ‘FEELCOOL’. This material has a unique feature which is...it cools down really fast even after being soaked and wringed in hot water. 

The body temperature dropped by 11°C instantly after putting it on. The cooling sensation comes fast and it is also long-lasting. As it gets warm, simply swing the vest gently for it to turn cool again. In addition, this product is also able to block UV rays. Take a walk comfortably in it no matter how hot the weather is. 

Regular cooling vests work after putting them in the fridge. However, they barely absorb water and will damage the pet’s skin and coat. These products may even cause skin diseases!

▼ It absorbs moisture and evaporates within seconds! Leaves no moisture behind! *Is there one for us, humans?” ▼


POINT 2) Ergonomic Design for Pets

Most pets feel uncomfortable when their skin touches something that they are unfamiliar with. Hence, arrr has come up with this Cool Vest to minimize discomfort. 

This doesn’t have to be put through the head, but instead from the side (neck and chest) by attaching the velcros. It comes with a small opening at the back to make it easier for you to attach the leash with the vest on!


POINT 3) Cute and Cheerful Design

After explaining to you the effects, now it’s time for me to talk about how cute this little vest is…! It comes in various sizes (from S - XXL), and also in two happy colors - Mint or Yellow. Summer is all about vibrant colors! Be sure to take more selfies with your furkid after wearing this! 💛


POINT 4) Highly-raved by many pet owners in Korea (with positive reviews)

arrr has always been a favorite pet brand in Korea. This Cool Vest can be seen everywhere on social media, because people are excited to show off their pet’s adorable photos~~~

▼ Take a look at the shared photos▼

(Photo source: Instagram)

▼ Now, let’s see what pet owners commented… ▼

(Customer Jiang** ★★★★★)

It’s so cute + my furkid will always bark when the weather is hot and stuffy. This is why I got this...the color Yellow looks like a kindergarten uniform...hehehe~~~


(Customer Soo** ★★★★★)

The weather is really hot! The fan is only blowing at me, I feel sorry for my pet. Simply put the Cool Vest in water and wring dry. It feels cool when I touch it, which gives me a chilly sensation. Hahaha...the moisture dried up fast...great for pets to wear this and take a walk outside in such hot weather! Recommend!


(Customer Kim** ★★★★★)

The weather is unbearable...every time I go out...my dog has its tongue out...he looks uncomfortable! Now that I got this Cool Vest for him, we can enjoy outdoor walks together...he’s definitely excited and happy to have this as a gift! Hahaha...thank you for making such a great product! 


(Customer Kim** ★★★★★)

The size is suitable for my dog. He is only 8 months old and this is the first piece of clothing I got for him. I was worried at first, but he got used to it after awhile. He wore it for 30mins after I opened the packaging...no moisture left on the vest after soaking and wringing...I’m going to bring him out now...will share more later when I’m back ^^


(Customer Kim** ★★★★★)

My dog is 9kg, wearing the size XXL is just nice! I feel that my Bichon really suits the color, Mint! I really recommend this product, it is not too tight. The collar and leash can be used together even after wearing this vest. The most important thing is that he can stay cool whether indoors or outdoors. It dries up really quickly and is easy to put on...for pet owners of fluffy Bichon...must buy this! 


Now, without taking a plane, you can get it here in Singapore (we’ve got stocks from Korea). Time to spend a fun and cooling Summer with your furkid! ❤️


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