Why pet harnesses are usually better than neck collars — and customers reviews🙆🏻‍♀️

Why pet harnesses are usually better than neck collars — and customers reviews🙆🏻‍♀️

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It is safer to walk the dog with a chest harness than with a collar.

When your dog is chasing something and sudden stop, the harness allows you to better control your walking and reduce the pressure on the neck. (In extreme cases, the dog's collar can cause the trachea to collapse.)

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You love your fur baby, so you don't want to risk the collar may get them hurt. But you also need them to perform well on walks and in public. We feel the same for four-legged family members and understand how confusing the plight of seat belts and collars is.

So, What to consider before you choose your harness for your fur kids?
Most people concern about:

1. The right size and fit
2. The type of harness
3. The material of the Harness
4. Visibility
5. Dog behavior and their habits

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For dogs with sensitive throats, it is easy to be irritated using traditional collars, and dog harnesses are a good choice. Unlike collars, they are placed around the dog's chest and chest cavity, thereby reducing the risk of suffocation. The leash is also very important when you want to prevent the dog from being out of control while walking.

Choose the right harness for your dog
A well-fitting harness should not pull, gap, rub or irritate your dog, and it should minimize movement and keep it still while the dog is walking.

Remember that comfort is the key, and some seat belts may be too tight around the dog's chest or shoulders or rub under the arms when the dog is walking.

arrr Chest Harness & Leash

Corresponding sizes for different children's body type

From height to body shape, Perfectly fit for different size of pets

H-shaped and U-shaped neckline

Spread a slightly thick EVA material cushion inside, It can prevent tracheal compression and disperse the impact

What is EVA material?

EVA material laid inside the chest harness . Super lightweight, soft, and shock absorbing.

The UH-shaped design of the arrr Chest Harness can disperse the pressureIt won’t feel uncomfortable by stop suddenly while walking.

Ensure your dog enjoys his walks to the fullest!😇
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