5 tips to walk your pets in this hot and humid weather!☀️🔥

5 tips to walk your pets in this hot and humid weather!☀️🔥

A regular walk is important for pet's health! BUT this hot weather always makes me hesitate to go out for a walk during the day!~ however, pawents get no choice but to take them out and get some vitamins☀️


Look at this weather, it's probably the most challenging time for our pets who can't take their fur coats off, and even more so when they end up going outside🔥 Here we have got tips that will help to take care of your pets when taking them out for a walk in summer.




1. Plan your walk times carefully
Early mornings and late evenings are the best time to take your pets out for a walk, as it will be cool enough for them to do their daily business comfortably. It’s also a good idea to plan the route you’ll be taking your pet through in advance. That way, you can choose nice, shady areas and hopefully softer ground with grass as well.


2. Make sure the outside ground's surface temperature is not too high for them to walk
If the ground is too hot for your bare hands and feet, then it’s too hot for your pet as well. Your pet’s paws are sensitive and are easily susceptible to painful burns and blisters if precautions are not taken.

3. Take lots of water!!
Don't forget to bring water out, or find a place that provides drinking fountains for pets. Even a short walk in the summer can be quite difficult in the sweltering heat. Make sure to take plenty of water for you AND your pet. Ensuring your pet is hydrated will go a long way in preventing heat strokes, dizziness, and exhaustion.


4. Avoid strenuous exercise
As a rule, especially when the consequences of overheating in the summer heat can be deadly, be aware to monitor your pet’s activities and ensure that you give them plenty of breaks when you take them outside. Excessive panting, drooling, dizziness, and vomiting can be signs that they’re experiencing a heat stroke, so please be vigilant.


Make sure that you do not push them to have vigorous workouts, and keep the essential outdoor activities short and sweet to be on the safe side.

5. Summer, outdoor pests, mosquitoes, insects - how to prevent it!
Summer also brings with it its own seasonal pests, and sadly, it’s unavoidable. BUT, there're some anti-buzz products help prevent pests and insects when going out!

 👋🏽 🦟The following two anti-mosquito products are recommended:
【Buzz-free clip】 👈🏻👈🏻
1.Natural essential oil ingredients
Contains natural eucalyptus essential oil that pests hate

2. Compact size & easy to use
Prevent dogs licking design!
Can be clip on collars, bags, clothes, leash, etc.

3.Night light effect
Provides safety for your dog on night walks
Keep your dog visible at night time or in dark environment


 【✨ Buzz-Free Spray (General size) 120ml】 👈🏻👈🏻
Larger capacity and wider spray force

【✨ Buzz-Free Spray (Pocket size) 15ml 】 👈🏻👈🏻
Small and lightweight
Mini size for easy carry out when traveling or walking in the park

Stay hydrated and have a good walk with your pets!😍💖

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