"Pet carrier or cushion, can't tell?" Korean brand pet outing bag! Hottt item on IG🔥 Highly rated♡

"Pet carrier or cushion, can't tell?" Korean brand pet outing bag! Hottt item on IG🔥 Highly rated♡

Want to find a convenient and lightweight carrier for your kids? 🐶 🐱
Always wanted to find a bag suitable for your dog and cat? But afraid if doesn't go out that often, will be a waste if buy it.😍
What if it is a bag that has the functions of both travel bag and a cushion at the same time? ♡

Korean brand arrr has been working to promote the well-being of pets and owners. The best-selling, UFO Neck Collar and Waterless Bubble Cleanser🌟⭐️🌟⭐️🌟
Check out for more!

UFO Neck Collar 
Designed to prevent your pet from recovering wounds and injuries from aggravating.🍩🍩🍩

Waterless Bubble Cleanser

Cleaning dog paws after a walk, is easy to clean without water!

Arrr has launched a new "going out, multi-functional bag"
One bag solves the problem of carrying a bag and cushion when going out🤩
We recommend this "Macaron po-ong bag"

arrr Macaron Po-ong Bag

It is designed to keep your pet protected, safe and comfortable for outdoor activities and short travels.

👉Hang bag / Crossbody bag / Shoulder bag
The shoulder straps are detachable and can be changed to different carrying styles as needed. Can be used on shoulder bags, side bags and crossbody bags. 


It is recommended for short distances, such as short walking or getting off the car, etc. It is very convenient to use as a handbag. And the bag is wider than expected, and the dog will not feel uncomfortable sitting in it!

✔️ shoulder bag
If you are busy with both hands, can be carried on your shoulders. Even with the zipper closed, as long as the rope is adjusted, the dog will have room to stick its head out!

✔️ crossbody bag
It is better to control the dog's activities, even if you are carrying other stuff in both hands, it is also convenient to manage! Best for dispersing the weight. If your pet is heavy, this is the best carrying way!

👉Zipper & String
Depending on the size of the dog, tighten the strap for a more secure use

👉Super comfortable seat cushion for outgoing uses
When unzipping the zipper, the bag can be fully opened, untightened the two sides of the rope can be pulled open and the edge of the bag can be turned out to turn into a cushion! 👍🏻


 👉Details for the safety
The safety zipper is not easy to open and is added to make it safer to avoid addiction such as the dog suddenly jumping out or the zipper suddenly opening by itself.

 👉Inner cushion
Duo-sided design provides a warming touch that will keep your pet warm and regulate the temperature in perfect condition during cold days and the other side provides self-cooling effects that will effectively lower the temperature and keep your pet stay cool and fresh during summer or hot days.

👉Bag side pocket
There will be small pockets on both sides of the bag, one with zipper, and the other without. Friendly design for bringing outgoing essentials!

Isn't it exciting!
However, the Macaron po-ong bag is designed for small dogs, it is recommended for furry kids under 5kg to use.💖 

Let's take a look for some "cute pics" from arrr customers▽

 Misty Rose🌷 



 Moon Grey🍋




 Deep Navy💙


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