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Like fighting a war when you tried to bathe your pet? You may be doing it the wrong way!


Totally going crazy with this…😱
After hearing the word “Bath” or “Shower”, your furkid will run for its life! 
Worst still...scratching you all over...causing wounds! 
To help your pet take a shower, it’s a tedious task for most parents and something that most people still never mastered up till today. 
Sending them to the Pet Salons is costly and in fact, there have been cases of animal abuse due to lack of patience. It is still safer to do this on your own, but what is the solution to this problem?
Dogs go for walks often and they do have stronger pet odor, which makes it necessary to clean them up at least weekly or monthly.
On the other hand, cats do not have to shower often. As cats get agitated, they may scratch and cause scars and wounds! Using the hair dryer is a big challenge...but if you don’t dry up their fur / skin well, it may lead to skin problems...really a headache! 
arrr Waterless Bubble Cleanser is a total life savior for pet owners! Gently squeeze out the bubble foam, take a dry towel and wipe it all over your pet :)
No water required! No drying required! 
Most pet shampoos out there consist of harmful chemicals (e.g. Sulfate, Silicone, PET, etc.), if these are not rinsed off completely, skin diseases may develop.
arrr Waterless Bubble Cleanser is not only convenient, the ingredients are 100% safe and publicly listed! Taking into consideration that they may lick it, this product is formulated for their safety and health. Pet owners can use with peace of mind :)
After bringing your furkids out for some fun, you may even use it to clean their feet! This is definitely a better choice compared to wet wipes (for humans). 
A ‘must-get’ for pet owners! 
Apart from showers, pet owners should help their pets comb the fur as combing helps improve blood circulation and reduce fur loss. This also helps in stress relief and improve the relationship between you and your furkid! However, do take note on the strength and direction you use on combing their fur, so as not to hurt them.
Lastly, pets should not shower too often as this may affect their skin condition as it strips away natural oils that are beneficial to their skin and coat! It is recommended that they shower only once per week. Due to different breeds and skin conditions, it is best to consult a Veterinarian on bathing guidelines.
Pick this up for a whole new convenient & waterless 'shower' experience! 

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