Keep eating snacks but never brush teeth? Don’t let your furkid suffer from oral health issues!

Keep eating snacks but never brush teeth? Don’t let your furkid suffer from oral health issues!

We, as humans need to brush our teeth at least twice a day, what about your furkid? Do you know that poor oral hygiene may also cause a big issue?

▼ Undergoing scaling due to tartar buildup T_T ▼

Same as humans, food can be stucked between teeth during eating and causing plague, tartar and if we neglect this situation, it may result in bad breath or even diseases. The bacteria within the teeth may also enter the body through blood fluid causing heart or liver issues, etc.

A simple oral hygiene checkup can be done at home by the owner (YOU)!

Gently flip open the lips, if you notice there is blackish yellow tartar in the gap between teeth and gums, you may need to pay extra attention to the oral hygiene of your furkid.

Normally, a dog needs to brush the teeth twice a week, if the teeth are not well taken care of, it may cause oral issue which dental cleaning may be required. It sounds quite simple, but the dental cleaning of the dog is not as simple...compared to humans’!

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Animals don’t lie down calmly and open up their mouths like us (humans). Any sudden movement during the process may cause bleeding or even losing a tooth! Therefore, they need to undergo General Anesthesia to proceed. In this case, it’s a risk. The owner should pay more attention to the oral care of their furkid, don't wait until your furkid needs medical treatment...not only do they suffer, but you may also need to pay a hefty bill.

Dog hates brushing teeth, does it bother you?

It’s not a simple task brushing your dog's teeth, especially when some dogs are always trying to hop away! Brushing their teeth is like fighting a war and it is hard to brush and clean the inner corners.

Is there any simpler way to take care of your furkid’s oral health?

Dental Chew can be an easy way of cleaning your dog's teeth, it uses the same principle as brushing the teeth. The cleaning effect of a dental chew is achieved through chewing and rubbing against the teeth and gums.

arrr Dental Chew  
Oral Hygiene & Nutrition Supply...All-in-One!

Korean Well-Known Brand ‘arrr’ releases this super popular Dental Chew that is liked by tons of pet owner and this product has received more than 25k+ of positive reviews, with an average of 4.9 stars out of 5 and more than 1000 shared posts on Instagram. What makes it so popular?

▼25k+ true positive reviews from customers on Korea’s Official Site▼

▼ Customer shared their adorable furkids enjoying and chewing on the Dental Chew on Instagram ▼

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Lauric Acid has been added in the Dental Chew to protect gums and teeth, get rid of bad breath and achieve the antibacterial effect. Dental Chew has been made in the shape of a Four-Leaf Clover, optimizes the effect of brushing areas that are hard to reach, it also helps to remove Tartar.

▼Customers shared the Before & After results...Great improvement! ▼

 *Result may vary*

arrr Dental Chew is available in 2 different flavors - Hip & Joint / Vegetable. Not only is it nutritious, it helps to take care of your furkid’s teeth!

=Hip & Joint=

Many owners tend to neglect the joint health of their children. When they notice that the dog who is usually full of energy...feeling lethargic out of a’s when something is wrong…...

arrr Dental Chew (Hip & Joint) contains New Zealand Shellfish which has natural anti-inflammatory effects that help improve arthritis and joint pain. In addition, there is also Amino Glucose to improve joint disorders and pain caused by osteoarthritis. 



Nowadays, many owners spend lots of money in buying snacks for their pets and yeah...they are very generous on that! However, do pay attention to the weight! If you furkid is eating non-stop, they may go ‘out of shape’ and become overweight 😅😅😅

▼Look at how fat my mummy fed him...▼

(He has slimmed down a bit already...T_T)

Reduce the risk of obesity! The ‘Vegetable’ option does not include meat and dairy! 

▼Look at how yummy it is…!▼

 Ingredients 100% Publicly Listed - Give your pet the BEST!

It’s not too late to start taking care of your pet’s oral health! Embark on a healthy and happy life journey with your little one ❤️

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