It is totally from what I imagined...? TOP 3 Nightmares for having a pet for the first time!

It is totally from what I imagined...? TOP 3 Nightmares for having a pet for the first time!

Many people choose to keep pets because they think these animals are cute! Super excited to bring them home for the very first time! However, after a period of time, they realize that this is not as easy as what they think it should be.

For example; dogs tend to pee or poo all over at home...they don't get it when you tried to teach them! Or...the first time when you tried to bathe your cat...but ended up with scratches and wounds all over your body. All these are completely different from the perfect fun life of adding a furry companion to your family. 


Hence, this is the list of TOP 5 Nightmares of new 'furkid' parents. We will share some methods to cope with the problems, so as to ease your burden and enjoy a more enjoyable life with your new family member! 


⚠️TOP 3 - Failed potty-training? Stop the scoldings now! ⚠️


The newborn puppy is unsure of how to use the toilet after reaching your house. It tends to mess up the house, all over clothes, bedding, furniture, etc. It is really devastating...


Most owners will be furious at this time, resulting in scoldings and punishments, such as using plastic bottles to scare them. However, raising a pet is different from raising a child. They don't understand why we are angry, but just give you a curious and innocent look. 


You must have enough patience to train your pet. Start by monitoring the behaviors...when it's time to release...a dog will sniff around, wag the tail and turn in circles. At this time, you may guide him to the right place. 


Use Poo Poo Spray to increase the success rate!

Owners can try using Poo Poo Spray for a more effective potty-training! The pet supplies brand from Korea, arrr has launched Poo Poo Spray which is well-known and received positive reviews from pet owners!❤️


Unlike products from other brands with strong unpleasant smell, arrr is completely created based on the habits of dogs, focusing on UREA and the smell of nature (e.g. soil and grass). All ingredients are tested and certified safe for pets. 


Just spray the product lightly on the potty area and when you see the dog getting ready to release himself, bring him over! After your little furkid released himself at the right spot, it's time to praise him with snacks. He will know that, "Oh~ This is the spot I have to go...this is the mummy won't scold me anymore!" 


🔻arrr Poo Poo Spray🔻



⚠️TOP 2 - Shower time is a total disaster! ⚠️


Many owners will want to shower their pets as soon as they reach home. But in fact, they have just arrived in a new environment...or they are still puppies/ is not recommended to shower them with water due to weaker immune systems. Yes, they may catch a cold! 


 And...please don't be lazy! Do not use your own shower gel on your pets! Be sure to pick the right product for them, so as not to harm their skin and coat.


Having difficulty in bathing your cat boss? This is the scary part as you may be left with scratches all over! This is so challenging......>_<"



It damages the skin and coat if you don't dry them up it's time to skip the traditional method of showering!


arrr Waterless Bubble Cleanser requires no water at all! The ingredients are all publicly listed and 100% safe on pets. Just squeeze out an appropriate amount, take a microfiber glove or towel to give your pet a gentle massage...that's all!



What's best? Just returned home from a walk at the park? Just use this to clean their paws! Super convenient!



🔻Waterless Bubble Cleanser🔻



⚠️TOP 1 - The house is filled with pet odor...cannot stand it! ⚠️


With the dirty potty area, toys full of saliva, strong odor on their sleep cushions...PLUS the warm weather...the house smells bad!


Are you still covering up the smell with regular air fresheners or perfumes? Stop doing that! Not only can these products not able to get rid of the unpleasant odor, the ingredients are harmful to your pets! Pick one that is pet-safe! 


Look...regular sprays are uncomfortable to pets



arrr Pet Fresh Spray is specially formulated for pets and the ingredients are 100% safe! It comes in 2 editions, for Cats or Dogs. The Cat version contains Catnip and for the Dog version, it comes with the scent of Nature. 


Other ingredients such as Cypress Tree Extract, Green Tea Leaf Extract and Licorice Extract have been used to get rid of bacteria and odor. Simply spray it lightly on target areas...your pet will not oppose at all!



🔻Pet Fresh Spray🔻



With these helpful products, no worries even if you are getting a pet for the first time! We will talk more about pet's comfort and what to do after post surgery...stay tuned!  


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