Is your furkid lazy to even move around? Or is it due to hip and joint discomfort?

Is your furkid lazy to even move around? Or is it due to hip and joint discomfort?

Do you know that dogs also get arthritis?

It’s not just humans. When dogs get older, they will experience discomfort in the joints. But our furkids can’t speak, there is no way to tell you, “Hey...I feel pain…”! As owners, we should always pay attention and monitor the health condition.

Pets are not able to talk, but they can express their discomfort through certain behaviors. If your dog has any of the following symptoms, it is most likely that something is wrong with the health!


  • Lazy to move around

    We know that as they grow older, the energy level will also decrease, but...if your dog is always lying on the floor...looking longer interested in walks or their favourite toy...maybe it’s a sign that your furkid isn’t feeling well.

  • Need you to carry when walking up / down the stairs

  • Remember the times when your pet love to climb up and down the stairs…? Those were the younger days… it will look at you with the ‘puppy eyes’, hoping that you will carry him instead. Perhaps, you may think that your dog is just trying to act cute, but hey… may be a sign that he is trying to tell you about discomfort. 

  • Awkward walking style 

    Slowing down when walking? Limping? Taking a rest after several steps? Your dog may be trying to tell you that his legs are tired and painful. Apart from these obvious symptoms, loss of appetite, non-stop barking, easily agitated...these are also other symptoms that your furry friend use to hint you. It is best to consult a professional veterinarian for further examination and treatment. 

    How to care for your pet’s joint health? 
    It is important to observe your pet’s behavior carefully as it is usually related to the health condition. Don’t wait till it is too late…!

  • Regular exercise

    If your dog has been sitting or lying down for long hours, it results in poor blood circulation! As a pet owner, be sure to take time and bring your furkid out for a walk. No matter how busy you are, your pet needs your company and love. Keep their joints strong and healthy, while you guys spend time together! 

  • Trim nails regularly
  • Your pet may slip and slide as they run or jump around everyday...this causes a great burden on the joints. We must always remember to trim their nails and long fur around their paws to avoid slipping! 

  • Nutrition Supply 

  • Diet plays an important part in keeping your pet healthy! Obesity causes pressure on the joints. Try to avoid food with high calories, but replace with those that contain Chondroitin and Glucosamine which are beneficial for joint health. 
    The famous pet supply brand from Korea, arrr has released this product - Dental Chew! Not only can it help to manage your pet’s oral health, but also takes care of the joints! 


    arrr Dental Chew (Hip & Joint) consists of the clean and green New Zealand Shellfish with natural anti-inflammatory effects to help improve arthritis and joint pain. Apart from that, it has Amino Glucose and Chondroitin to improve joint disorders and pain caused by osteoarthritis. 

    Besides being a nutritious snack, arrr Dental Chew acts like a toothbrush! Is it like a war zone every time you try to brush your pet’s teeth…? This product is in the shape of a four-leaf clover, to clean every corner of your precious furkid’s teeth while it is chewing. 

    It is normal for pets to hate brushing teeth! But being a snack that is both nutritious and able to remove tartar build-ups, we are sure your pet will chew on it happily (like these cuties below)!


    Yes, that’s right...cats can enjoy this treat as well! This is chewy and yummy (but If the texture is too hard for your pet, or if it’s a puppy or kitten, it is recommended to cut into small pieces before feeding)! 

    Apart from the Hip & Joint version, there is another option - Vegetable. This is suitable for furkids who require weight management, to reduce further risks of health problems. 

    Furkids...time to enjoy arrr Dental Chew! ❤️
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