The International Day of Happiness: Ways to share happiness with your furry besties ๐Ÿ’ซ

The International Day of Happiness: Ways to share happiness with your furry besties ๐Ÿ’ซ

March 20 is an International Day of Happiness to celebrate, and no one makes us happier than our furry besties. That's why we should take some time to enjoy the day with our furry besties and share our joys together on this special day.

As pet parents, we know better that happiness isn't always something you can buy. Our furry friends are a good example, money doesn't bring them any happiness, they are happiest when they have time with us, or go for a walk, or just a delicious treat.๐Ÿ’•

This special day is a great time to spread the joy and share it with those we care about. In honor of the International Day of Happiness, here are five ways you can share your happiness with your furry friend.

What else could put the biggest smile on their faces?

Spend a day outdoors in nature!

A nature hike is a perfect way to give your pet some exercise, get them to smell some new scents, and spend some time building a bond. Tired dogs are happy dogs, so giving them plenty of exercises and showing you care about them will make them very happy.ย 

Besides taking them alone, you can also take them to meet their friends!

They are generally happier around friends, just like us. They have their own way of communicating and playing with some toys in the park can bring them extra joy!

Planning a pet-friendly road trip can be a great idea to create special memories with your furry friend.

Spending time together in the car, seeing new sights, and getting out of the house can dramatically change your rhythm. You will be amazed when you are temporarily away from the rest of the daily routine and enjoy the one-on-one company of your loved one.

ย Hunting together (maybe not literally.

Get down on the floor and play with them! It's fun to plan an indoor hunt with your furry buddies. Created and designed with their plush toys, ropes, and electronic toys that make sounds to mimic the behavior of stalking, chasing, and catching prey. It excites them and you'll be amazed at how smart your little friends are!

Splurge on their favorite treat, while we need to control their diet, occasionally giving them unlimited treats can really drive them crazy (in a good way ). You can also play some games before giving them a treat, such as hiding their snacks in your hand and letting them guess. Simple and easy-to-play games also bring different excitement to our ordinary daily :)

One of the great things about the International Day of Happiness is that it reminds us not to take happiness for granted. Time flies so fast, we never had enough time with our furry friends before we noticed. We often forget to appreciate how happy our furry besties sometimes make us.

So share the joy with your furry bestie on this special day.

At arrr, our main goal is to bring more happiness to you and your furry besties, whether it is product or design, everything starts with love!

While having fun, don't forget about safety. We have specially designed harnesses to keep your outdoor activities safe and we also have delicious treats to help you play the game!

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