Attention⚠️Improper use of the chest strap can cause harm to furry friends! Tips for choosing a chest strap that novice parents need to know

Attention⚠️Improper use of the chest strap can cause harm to furry friends! Tips for choosing a chest strap that novice parents need to know

You will definitely use chest straps and leashes when walking, but do you know how to help your dog choose the right chest strap and leash?

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Do you know that the wrong use of the chest strap may cause psychological and physical harm to the dog? Because dogs need to lower their heads or raise their legs when wearing them, it may bring psychological pressure to them.

Generally, chest straps generally have a collar design, which directly compresses the puppy’s trachea, causing continuous coughing or other injuries that we may not pay attention to.

▶ When removing the chest strap for your dog, the ''coating'' will fall off due to pressure on the lower chest

Therefore, it is generally recommended that parents can choose a chest harness that does not compress the trachea and is convenient to wear.

We highly recommend:
Chest Harness & Leash

Three characteristics of Chest Harness & Leash that you cannot miss!

❶ UH design, dog-shaped engineering design

❷ Comfortable to wear, just in line with the body shape

❸ Functional materials that are easy to manage and wash


UH design, dog-shaped engineering design

arrr Chest Harness & Leash is different from conventional L-shaped or X-shaped chest straps. The UH design helps to minimize the compression of the air pipe.

The H-shaped frame and U-shaped neckline are covered with a slightly thicker EVA material cushion to prevent the airway from being compressed and disperse the impact.

Unlike ordinary collars, if it stops suddenly while moving, it may squeeze the pet’s neck. It can be fatal in severe cases,

▶ It will not be uncomfortable to stop suddenly when moving

♡Comfortable fit body shape

This design does not require the dog to raise and lower its head. Just press the button twice to complete the dressing process! Easy to put on and take off, easy to take off!

♡Easily manage functional materials

Using high-density fabric, it can be used in all seasons, it is not easy to accumulate hair and dust, and the hair and dust can be cleaned by sweeping them easily!

  On the left is arrr; on the right is a general chest strap

The main reason why it is loved by all customers is because of its color!!! The chest straps are mostly black, white or gray, or dark series on the market.

Arrr provided two lovely color option, that is rare in the market
Green and Lavender 


Beside harness. we created our special Arrr Leash as well!
What's so special?🦮

👉Excellent durability
👉Uses PVC material
Compared with polyester, it has better durability!

The Arrr Leash is made of PVC, which is not easy to slip off and has a stable grip. Reduce the occurrence of rope tangles, you can enjoy the fun of walking with pets more happily!

Check out more information on our website, if you are worried about the size, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service!

Customer comment sharing!

Weight is about 6.5kg~^^
At first, I was worried that L would be too big, but it would be just right to wear with clothes~ If you don’t wear it with clothes, it will be a little big, so I think M is also suitable. The material is good and high quality!

I am satisfied, and the color is also very pretty~^^

Cl** / arrr Korea official website
Size: L / Color: Green

I bought it because my dog hates the feeling of putting on and taking off a regular belt. I am very satisfied with this purchase and my dog likes it very much. It is also very convenient to sit down and stand up, and easy to take off. And it's easy to clean as well!

Kim**/arrr Korea official website
Size: M / Color: Green

The color looks good. I was worried about the size, but after checking out with the customer service department, I bought an S size for my dog and I am very happy with the purchase!

My dog is Maltese, about 4 kg! And the color looks good on her white fur! Compared with the previous collar, it is stronger and safer, and it is also very convenient for dogs to use for a long time!

Yang**/arrr Korea official website
Size: S / Color: Purple


Big dog share! About 7.5 kg!

When I first started wearing it to my dog, I can say it was very comfortable and strong. Because it can be resized from both sides, it fits the body just right. Although I think M should be able to wear it, but if you want to wear it with clothes, L is more suitable.
The colors are trendy, and arrr's products are very beautiful and suitable for pets.

Ka** / arrr Korea official website
Size: L / Color: Purple


When we went out for a walk, my dog kept coughing, but after switching to arrr, it seemed to be much better! I am very satisfied.
I think it is important to invest in high-quality harnesses and leash for them!

Luo**/arrr Korea official website
Size: M / Color: Green


For your dog's physical and mental health, why not try arrr ? ♡



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