How To Bathe Your Dog - At Home and Outside!

How To Bathe Your Dog - At Home and Outside!

Helping your pet shower is always a disaster...?

ย Your dogย or cat may get anxious or upset during hisย bathย and try to escape...

When the furkid hears "it's bath time", and start collapse and run away...

Bathing pets should be a tough lesson for many new parents.

But keep bringing them to a pet salon for a shower is also a big expense, and there are many cases of pets being abused when they are sent to beauty salons...๐Ÿ˜ฐ ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

It is always recommended owners shower their furkids themselves if can. BUT! is there any way or product that could help bath the furkid more easily?

Especially we bring dogs to walk almost every single day, after going out for a quick run or a walk. All the odor, dirt, soil from the field...
๐Ÿ˜ฌ *Need to shower at least once per week*

Although cats donโ€™t need to shower often, but they make people crumble every time while helping them shower. and picking up the hairdryer would be another battle...again...

arrr Waterless Bubble Cleanser

A bubble cleanser made with safe ingredients specially for your beloved pets.

A bubble cleanser made with safe ingredients specially for your beloved pet! It is a formula that requires NO WATER and convenient for use!


Arrr waterless bubble cleanser does not contain any harmful ingredients such as preservatives.ย 

Special formula for dirt removal on the skin, with the use of non-sensitive fragrance and other mild ingredients to protect the well-being of your pets!

Why are the ingredients important?
- The skin layer of pets is 3 times thinner than humans
- Their vulnerable skin with a near PH7-7-5 makes it sensitive
[ How to use? ]
1) First, use a wet towel to remove any visible dirt on the paws
2) Pump out arrr Waterless Bubble Cleanser and gently rub it on the paws
3) Use a clean and dry towel to wipe away the bubble foam
4) Lastly, brush the fur gently *The brush/bristles can be removed and washed with water :)
In addition to taking regular baths, you should also help them to grooming frequently.

Not only you should brush your dog or cat before and after a bath, but also have to regularly brush him/her at least three times a week!

Brushing can be painful and uncomfortable if there are matts or knots in your petโ€™s fur.If your dog or cat has tangled fur, it's better to take him/her to the professional groomer first, then start a regular brushing routine. This will not only keep your petโ€™s coat shinier and tangle-free, but also keep him cleaner between baths.


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