Let's go! The essential safety gear for adventurous outings with your furry kids

Let's go! The essential safety gear for adventurous outings with your furry kids

When taking our fluffy babies on outdoor adventures, safety is always a top priority.

A pet harness & leash is an essential accessory that is used almost every day when taking our pets out. We cannot overlook the comfort, safety, and user experience for both pets and pet owners.

Therefore, choosing a suitable pet harness is of utmost importance.

Why do we need a pet harness?
A pet harness is a relatively lightweight and easy-to-use device that helps control the movements of our pets. The adjustable straps and anchor points distribute force evenly across the pet's chest and back, reducing strain on the neck. This balanced distribution ensures a comfortable and secure experience, minimizing the risk of neck and trachea injuries. Additionally, a pet harness can help foster good walking and leash manners, making it easier to control our pets and reducing the risk of harm to others, including pets.

What are some safety concerns?
Despite the many benefits of a pet harness, it's essential to be aware of certain safety concerns. Improper usage can lead to choking or discomfort. Selecting the right-sized harness is crucial for the comfort of our pets. An undersized harness can cause discomfort, while an oversized one may result in slipping. Therefore, consider the comfort and safety of your pet, and ensure it is adjustable and fits your pet's body size.


Some tips for choosing the right harness & leash๐Ÿ’กย 

1. Consider your dog's size and breed:
Start by considering your dog's size, breed, and body shape. Different harness styles and leash lengths are designed to accommodate various sizes and breeds. Ensure the harness fits snugly but not too tightly around your dog's body to ensure optimal comfort and support.

2.ย Choose the right harness style:
There are various harness styles available, including back-clip, front-clip, and no-pull harnesses. Each style offers different benefits and functionalities. Back-clip harnesses are great for well-behaved dogs, while front-clip harnesses provide more control for dogs prone to pulling. No-pull harnesses offer additional support and discourage pulling behavior.

3.ย Check the material and quality:
Opt for a harness and leash made from high-quality, durable materials that can withstand daily use and different weather conditions. Look for sturdy buckles, reinforced stitching, and strong D-rings. Comfortable padding or breathable mesh can provide extra comfort for your dog during walks.

4.ย Consider ease of use and adjustability:
Ensure the harness and leash are easy to put on and take off. Adjustable straps allow you to customize the fit and accommodate your dog's growth or changes in weight. Look for harnesses with multiple points of adjustment to achieve a secure and comfortable fit.



So, are there any recommended dog harnesses?
Yes! It's the ARRR Bouncing Harness & Leash
--- designed to let your furry friend bounce around with utmost comfort and freedom ๐Ÿพ

Bouncing Harness:

  • With its adjustable design, this harness ensures optimal comfort and adaptability for your pet. It features a Y-shaped stretchable strap that wraps around the body, effectively absorbing impacts on the shoulders and abdomen.
  • Crafted from 100% pure cotton, the inner layer of the harness is made with premium cotton material to minimize skin friction during walks. Your pet's skin will remain irritation-free even during active movements!

Bouncing Leash:

  • Comfortable handle with adjustable D ring, allowing customization based on hand size, strap length, or attachment to fixed objects.
  • The harness part can be easily attached with a reinforced end strap and extra rope for added stability and strength.
  • Crafted from two weaves with a cotton core, making it softer, more flexible, and easier to handle.
  • Versatile usage with a hands-free design, offering multiple ways to use the leash by adjusting the length and joint of the grip part.

  • 360ยฐ Swivel scissor buckle,ย prevents the dog leash from twistingย 

    and dog from getting tangled, let your dog run freely.

    Available in 3 colours:
    Lily Lavender /ย Cotton Sky /ย Butter Yellow




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