Don't really think that "cats have nine lives"😆, the owner should take good care of health daily🔥

Don't really think that "cats have nine lives"😆, the owner should take good care of health daily🔥

We probably hear "cats have nine lives" a lot, so you think cats are usually healthy!

In fact, it's just because cats have a well-developed balance system and perfect body protection mechanism!

And the thick fat on the cat's paws can greatly reduce the impact of the cat's body recoil.🐾

So instead of "trusting" a cat with nine lives, paw parents should take good care of their cat's body 🔥

But if you don't know how to choose nutritional supplements, you can try this Korean-made nutritional supplement!

Specifically designed for cats, it adds taurine and lysine that cats need but cannot produce on their own.

💡What is the role of taurine and lysine..?

Taurine: Taurine help vision development, heart muscle function, and brain development!If it is insufficient, symptoms such as digestive disturbances, cardiac hypertrophy, and growth retardation may occur.

Lysine:Helps increase cell growth and immunity,relieve cold and respiratory symptoms.

Unlike ordinary supplements, it is not in the shape of pills or bars!

Use highly absorbent powder without added binders, lubricants and emulsifiers.

It helps the pet's body to absorb easily.

Feeding powder is also more convenient because you can...

✓ Mixed with feed

✓ Mixed with snacks

✓ Mixed in water

When it comes to feeding, taste and benefits are important!
Let's take a look at the functions below ▼

Different colors represent different functions, you can buy them according to the health of the cat 🛍️

Since there are overlapping parts of the ingredients, remember not to overfeed, be sure to give according to the recommended feeding amount!


Finally, share with you the experience of using 











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