Don’t let your furkid suffer anymore. 70% of pet owners make these mistakes when bathing their pets. Are you one of them?

Don’t let your furkid suffer anymore. 70% of pet owners make these mistakes when bathing their pets. Are you one of them?

I’m sure you know what is known as, ‘Pet Odor’. It is pretty strong, especially when dogs often go out for a walk or play...have to clean them up regularly, but……

Many pets will go crazy as soon as they hear words like, “Shower Time!”, “Bath Time!”, “Pong Pong!” 😒🚿

If pet owner uses the wrong method, of course the pet will hate taking a bath!

Right here, we have organized some common mistakes that pet owners often make, let’s go through them together! 


1) Uncomfortable Water Stream

With strong water stream, not to say it hurts our skin, it is even more uncomfortable for our little furry friends! 

Pet owners can choose to use a small bathtub, let the water flow slowly and use their hands to massage, instead of aiming straight at their skin with the shower head. 


2) Uncomfortable Water Temperature

Make sure to give your pet a warm bath! It shouldn’t be too hot or cold as their skin is very sensitive. Do make sure that you test out the water temperature with your hands to see if it is suitable before bathing your pet.


3) Using Soap 

Bathing with soap requires more scrubbing to ensure that you clean the whole part of your pet’s skin and coat. However, taking up too much time in the shower can cause stress on the animal, it is not recommended for owners to use soap!


4) Blow Dry

Many pets (especially cats) hate drying their fur more than taking a bath...that’s because the sound of the hair dryer stresses them out! 


5)Wrong Product

Apart from bathing your pet in the right way, the choice of body wash is also important! Pet’s skin is more sensitive than us, humans. It is better to choose those that consist of safe ingredients.

Foamy shower gel is better than those which don’t really produce bubble foam.

For that kind of shower gel (Non-Foamy Type), the product residue will easily remain on the pet’s coat after using. On the other hand, Foamy Type products has better cleansing power and you can rinse it off for a couple of times to make sure they are all gone! 


arrr Creamy Shampoo

The popular pet products brand from Korea, ‘arrr’ has recently released this Creamy good is it? 


1) Rich bubble foam like whipped cream with strong cleansing power

Just one pump for bubble foam like whipped cream!!

Creamy bubble foam cleanser cleans away dirt and impurities on every strand of fur.


2) One bottle of All-in-One, Shampoo + Conditioner, Shorten the bath time!


*scrub with shampoo*


*scrub with shampoo*

*rinse again*

Pet’s Bubble Speech, “HOW LONG MORE AH?!”

Pet’s skin become more sensitive after using cleansing solutions for numerous times. Now, just use one product to bathe your pet! Moisturize + Fur Care + Nutrients...get them all! 


3) Safe Ingredients - EWG Green Grade *except for fragrances*

Use of only trustable and low-irritation ingredients, because this is going to be in direct contact with the body. 


4) A fragrance that makes your pet feel blissful

Consists of a refreshing forest scent that your pet will fall in love with. 

In a rush for time? Don’t wanna shower your pet late at night? Choose this easier and more convenient Waterless Bubble Cleanser. 


arrr Waterless Bubble Cleanser 

It is a formula that requires no water and hair dryer! 

Simply massage your pet’s body gently and that’s it! 

▼ Enjoying the waterless bath and massage ▼

▼ For pets who love outdoor activities! ▼

▼ Paws full of dirt after a day of FUN! ▼

Many pet owners will choose to use wet wipes to clean the paws of their pets. However, many wet tissues in the market contain harmful ingredients, such as fluorescent agents, which are bad for the skin and coat of your furkid. 

arrr Waterless Bubble Cleanser comes with a brush made of soft bristles that are gentle to the skin. You may use it to clean the paws of your pets after bringing them outdoors! 

Cleaning up can be as simple as that! 

Give your pet the best, with arrr! ❤️

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