"Do you know how it feels? I don't feel good!" Stop putting that 'Cone of Shame' on me anymore!

"Do you know how it feels? I don't feel good!" Stop putting that 'Cone of Shame' on me anymore!

I’m pretty sure that those with pets at home should know about ‘Cone of Shame’. This is an essential to prevent your pet from licking or scratching the wounds that may cause infections, but as pet owners, have you seen those ‘poor puppy eyes’

This ‘Cone of Shame’ is also known as the ‘Elizabethan Collar’, how did this name come about?

That's right, because it looks very similar to the British clothing on Queen Elizabeth, it is therefore known as the ‘Elizabethan Collar’. Look at the bulky and obstructive neck design, it doesn’t look comfortable at all. What's more? Our furkids will need to have them on…

Maybe some owners will find it very funny when they see the reaction...(Actually, I laughed at my cat ...🙈)  But this thing is really uncomfortable to wear!!!

‘Cone of Shame’ is usually made of plastic. It is hard, rough and will cause uneasiness as your pet cannot see the surroundings properly. With that obstructing your pet’s view, they may bump into things and corners, causing all sorts of noise that result in stress and anxiety

🐱:My stupid owner still don’t wanna take this off me…! 

“I can’t even eat and drink freely, with this thing stuck on my neck when I want to sleep, it’s very uncomfortable! After the surgery, I still have to suffer from this kind of ‘torture’...what a sad life~~~” 😭😭😭

Oh? Heard that there’s a new creation not that improves all the shortcomings of the traditional ‘Cone of Shame’...?

arrr UFO Collar was a big HIT when it first launched in Korea, with many sets sold to pet owners who wish to make their furkids happier! The design looks like the shape of a UFO Spaceship. I think that it’s really cute...hehe...but what's so special about this collar?

⭐️ Will not affect your furkid’s daily lifestyle at all! ⭐️

This design does not block the sight at all, nor does it affect daily activities. Owners don’t have to worry that their pet eats or drinks uncomfortably. Look at furkid's excitement after wearing arrr UFO Neck Collar, they are not rejecting it! Also no problem for cats who love jumping to high areas…! 

⭐️Prevents pets from licking and biting wounds, providing both comfort and safety⭐️

There are 3 different sizes to choose from, how do you choose? The fastest and most accurate way is to determine the size of the pet according to its leg length. It's not like ordinary plastic collars which will cause noises and make pets feel frightened. Wear arrr UFO Neck Collar, just like putting on clothes, all soft and snuggly! 

⭐️100% Made in Korea⭐️

Nowadays, people are all purchasing products Made in Korea. Of course, our pets must follow the trend! I have to say that this product is really of great quality. Top-grade fabric fibers are used to achieve the softness and lightweight features. No burden on the neck at all! 

⭐️ Fashionable and Cute ⭐️

I really think that this collar design is super duper cute~~~ Ok, even if your furkid didn’t go through any surgeries or have any wounds, you can still take a picture of him/her wearing it (very bad 😅) It’s a fashion style…! Work it…! 😍




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