Bug spray and clip for dogs that safely keep pests away👋🏻🦟

Bug spray and clip for dogs that safely keep pests away👋🏻🦟

Most dogs need to walk at least once each day. Especially during the weekend, you spend more time with your furry kids! Take them to the dog park or walk outside! But every time I go outside, I worry about whether my dog will be bitten by mosquitoes or bugs.


Bug bites aren't just a human issue, they can affect dogs too! These are an issue that goes to itching and discomfort, and so does your dogs!

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Then picking the right and suitable bug repellent spray for furry friends is essential. If you using bug spray on your dog, always monitor their reactions and make sure they don't lick the spray off. Before using any bug spray, patch test a small area to make sure your dog doesn't have any abnormal reaction.



If your dogs love to sniff, lick, and roll around, a bug repellent clip will be great for them in order to prevent them from inhaling or ingesting the normal bug spray.

The bug repellent clip is designed in small size and is convenient to clip to a pet's leash, clothes, sleeping cushion, dog carrier (bag), etc.

What's good about BUZZ FREE CLIP?
01 Excellent insect repellent with natural essential oils inside the plastic clip prevents dogs from licking 👅

02 Long-lasting scent and wide range of mosquito repellent effects (last for about 45~60 days)

03 Luminous light design that can be clearly seen at night, keep your dog visible at night time or in dark environment

 What's good about BUZZ FREE Mist? (anti- mosquitoes spray)

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Contain 100% natural essential oils that insects and mosquitoes hate
Safe and effective against insects and mosquitoes

02 All ingredients are EWG green grade certified
Made from only EWG Green rated safe ingredients

03 Excellent moisturizing and antibacterial effects
Best for outdoor activities, stay away from insect and mosquitoes

Portable size and easy application
Available in 2 compact sizes, Easy to take out and use at any time

arrr Buzz-Free Mist  (General size) 120ml
Larger capacity and wider spray force

✨ arrr Buzz-Free Mist (Pocket size) 15ml 
Small and lightweight
Mini size for easy carry out when travelling or walking in the park

🌶Be careful🌶
"The bite of just one infected mosquito is enough to spread disease, so recommends giving your dog preventatives year-round, to protect them against infection."

Bug spray ingredients to watch out for before the purchase>>
1. Deet
2. D-Limonene and linalool (Citrus oils)
3. Full concentration Citronella
3. Garlic

🚨Always be careful to spray on the back of the neck part, where the dog can't lick it easily.🚨

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