Bleed everytime? ‘3 simple tips’ to cutting your pet’s nails at home!

Bleed everytime? ‘3 simple tips’ to cutting your pet’s nails at home!

As a cat owner, you should know how hard it trim your little master’s nails…
My cat hates it too…! I used to be afraid of bites and scratches, but now...I’ve already mastered the skills 😎 Today, I’m going to share with you guys on how to do it…!
Do cats need to cut nails? 
The answer is...YES, DEFINITELY!
If the nails are too long, not only will they destroy the furniture, but also cause scratches and injuries on us. Let me tell you, I once saw blood on the floor as soon as I entered the house. I searched for my cat frantically and realized that the nails had grown inwards and started poking into the paws. I felt terrible and guilty...I was lazy in the past to bother about this...😭 Trimming the nails every few weeks is an important part of maintaining your pet’s health.
The proper way to trim the nails -
⚠️Not too short 
Only snip the white part of the claw, DO NOT cut the pink area or anywhere too near it (this is where the nerves and blood vessels are)! If you are unable to see properly, please do it under bright light (e.g. using your phone’s torchlight)🔎 
⚠️Do not do it forcefully 
If your cat is still resisting, give it some time and please do not use force to hold onto your pet and trim the nails. This will only result in anxiety and fear. Cut the nails bit by bit, I will always do it when my cat is sleeping...but you must be fast and don’t hesitate! 😂 When your cat wakes up and finds something wrong, it’s already too late...haha! But if it runs away, don’t chase after it...wait till the next opportunity and cut the rest of the nails…
⚠️Reward with treats 
You can feed your little furkid treats every time you finish cutting the nails. After a few times, the cat will automatically think that there will be yummy treats after each nail trimming session! 😂
In addition to the correct methods, here are some tips to make this process easier for you -
Touch your cat’s hands often
Many cats hate people touching their hands. This is one of the reasons why they reject nail cutting. You can try to touch their paws when they are sleeping 🐾🐾🐾 Let them get used to the feeling of your hands touching theirs 🌸
Use small props to make trimming easier
You can put on clothes or goggles on your cat as they will feel uncomfortable with these...they become stiff and do not dare move around much. Hence, this will reduce the chance of them fighting back as you cut the nails. If someone can help you, you can also distract the kitty by feeding treats while you trim.
A good nail clipper
Apart from outstanding nail cutting skills, a good nail clipper is also very important! Those with poor cutting strength will greatly increase the time to cut nails and pets will feel more uneasy and stressed…...nails may even break apart! 

[arrr Safe Nail Clipper] 

With arrr, you can now enjoy a fun nail trimming session with your pet! There are so many nail clippers available out there...what’s so great about this particular one? 
POINT 1. It’s done in the blink of an eye! Amazing cut! 
Nail clippers with poor cutting strength can cause pet’s nails to crack or result in continuous bleeding when trimming forcefully.
(Left) Nail Clipper from Brand X | (Right) arrr Safe Nail Clipper
arrr Safe Nail Clipper is made of a fine and sharp stainless steel blade for a quick cut! 
*So comfy that I’m falling asleep...meowwwww*
POINT 2. Concentrated pressure through scientific design
It’s more comfortable with the smooth grip. Nail clippers falling off may cause injuries on both you and your pet. This product comes in the size that fits the palm of your hand, better grip with the silicon handle! 
POINT 3. Simple design with a safety push button
Designed to prevent pets from accidental injuries, it comes with a safety push button to lock and unlock the clipper. Keep it safe! 
POINT 4. Cost-Effective
arrr Safe Nail Clipper is a newly launched product and currently having a deal at just S$12.80...super worth it! The original price is $16! With these tips, I hope that trimming nails for your little furry friend is no longer a war...Hurry get it! 👇
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