Barking for no reason, destroying things at home...Is your pet having separation anxiety?

Barking for no reason, destroying things at home...Is your pet having separation anxiety?

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Pets love to follow their owners everywhere! If you leave them alone at home, itโ€™s really a big headache because they may bark like crazy, destroy things like your furniture, pee or poo all over the house, etc.

These are signs of Separation Anxiety. If you scold your pet over this problem, it may result in psychological pressure and worsen the situation.ย 

However, we are really packed with busy schedules these days (whether is it going to work or school), we tend to be away from home for long hours. It is impossible to accompany our furkids all the time, what should we do to solve this problem?

Let your doggie exercise often to destressย 

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When you return home, set aside some time to bring your pet out for a walk to release some energy. This makes your doggie happy, to feel relax and relieve stress.ย 

Donโ€™t let your pet be overly excited

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We should train them to enjoy their personal time alone at home. Before leaving the house, try not to show reluctance, which will make your pet feel insecure.

Normally when you reach home, your pet may hop around crazily to welcome you. Perhaps you can ignore it for a short while, wait for it to calm down before praising it to show that your furkid did a great job by being independent.ย 

Gift it a toy as a companion

Apart from slowly improving the usual behavior,ย  we should also buy them more toys to play!

arrr Nose Work Toy Ball is designed to keep pets company as their owners are away from home. With so many toys in the market, what is so special about this product?

Besides using it as an entertaining toy ball, this helps in scent-training. There are small pockets on the toy ball for you to hide snacks. As your furkid plays and searches for the snacks, this is training its sense of smell. Not only can this bring them fun and happiness, it boosts their self-confidence!ย 


What is Olfactory Training?ย 

Train your pet in getting to know the surroundings with the sense of smell. It helps to reduce stress and lift up its confidence level. A dogโ€™s sense of smell is 40 times more sensitive than that of humans. A research study pointed out that scent-training for 10 minutes is equivalent to outdoor run for an hour.ย 

It stimulates the brain, relieve stress, build confidence and this area is very effective for dogs who are easily stressed out.ย 

Durable quality


Iโ€™m pretty sure that you know the dog's destructive power is super strong.ย  ๐Ÿ˜… Hence, arrr Nose Work Toy Ball uses only top-quality material, 100% Fleece Fabric andย  Made in Korea. Extremely soft and comfy when in use, without discomfort.ย 

Easy to wash


Most toys are often filled with saliva and tend to have a nasty smell after some time. Pet owners can only toss them away and purchase new toys again. Hang on, for arrr Nose Work Toy Ball, there is a zipper attached to it. You can choose to wash the cover or the entire product. It is safe and hygienic!

Suitable for cats as well


The impression that cats give people is that they are arrogant and like to be left alone. Do they feel lonely at times? Yes, they do! We have cat owners who installed CCTVs at home to monitor the behavior of their cats and found that they feel uneasy when left home alone. Followed by scratching and destroying furniture to show their unhappiness.


Cats donโ€™t relieve stress like dogs by going out for a walk. Give more toys and snacks for your kitty, such as arrr Nose Work Toy Ball!ย 

You may also put some catnip in the small pockets and you will see your cat going crazy over that ball. In addition, no matter how busy your life is, try to give your furkid the best.ย Afterall, the love from a pet owner is the source of happiness to pets!ย 


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