Full body massage + bubble carbonated SPA! "Makes your pet's bathing time happier ❤️ Avoid 3 mistakes first~

Full body massage + bubble carbonated SPA! "Makes your pet's bathing time happier ❤️ Avoid 3 mistakes first~

Every time when I bath with my fur kids, it's always a war!

Have you ever wondered why they hate bathing so much?

There may be some following reasons?

① The sound of shower head is too loud, which exceeds
the noise standard that pets can bear

※ Noise level has the same frequency as subway

Image Source:Lum3n@Pexels


② Your pet feel uncomfortable with the strong water pressure


③ If bathing time get longer, they feel uneasy and anxious

Image Source: nishizuka@Pexels

How about try to change pet bathing tool?
ARRR Soft Touch Shower

Design by physiological characteristics of pets
Soft Touch Shower


What kind of magic makes pets willing to take a bath?

Advantage ①

➤ Achieve same standard as quietness of the library

Left: Regular Shower Head / Right: ARRR Soft Touch Shower

Advantage ②

➤ Gentle water pressure, balance with good washing power

※ Actual hydraulic power varies depend on the water pressure of each household

Left: Regular Shower Head / Right: ARRR Soft Touch Shower

 Advantage ③

➤ Filter out the purest water, perfectly remove impurities

The ultra-fine fiber structure of pure filter is smaller than suspended particles which can block impurities.

Perfect filtering of impurities in water
Create relatively clean water!

Check it out!  How many impurities are attached on the filter after
two months of use~! ! !

 Left: Brand new filter / Right: After 60 days

Advantage ④

➤ Bubble Carbonate SPA can remove waste hair & dirt

※  Keep Your Pet's Coat Shiny and Healthy

Fine Bubble Carbonate Spa does get in every part of hair!

Exfoliation ✔ Waste hair ✔ Smell ✔ Shine ✔ Moisturizing ✔ All take into consideration~

Drain the constantly falling horny substance, waste hair floating everywhere.
It's been designed as a one-time solution !

Advantage ⑤

➤ The design of soft silicone particles, gentle massage touch, also effectively prevent water splashing

Just fits the size of one hand
Specially designed -The secret to bathe your pets better and easier!

 Advantage ⑥

 ➤ Just fit the size of one hand, is comfortable to use, and prevent hand slipping

Simple and easy to cleaning around eyes, nose and ears!

Makes your baby fall in love with bathing? You need this secret magic Soft Touch Shower!

Learn more, please click the link below▼

Notice: Bubble Carbonate SPA needs to be purchased separately ▼



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