I always thought my cat was a baby...but in a blink of an eye, she's in middle age...

I always thought my cat was a baby...but in a blink of an eye, she's in middle age...

Remember the day you first saw your cat?

Before I knew it, my best friend had been with me for more than 5 years, although I still thought of her as a little child in my heart, just like the day I brought her home!


But when it comes to people's age, she is already 36 years old 😱

People start taking vitamin C and collagen in half their 20s

Have you ever wondered which nutritional supplements to prepare for your cat?


🔎How to choose cat supplement?

①Always remember that the first thing you have to check is HACCP!

OK, HACCP passed!

Wait a minute! What is HACCP?

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) ensures food safety
From the production, manufacture, processing, preservation, circulation, and consumption of food raw materials
Systematic management of potential hazards at each stage
It is a scientific health management system.

②How can I make sure the ingredient is safe for my cat?

Well, choose something human grade!

Wait a moment! What is the difference between humans grade?

HUMAN GRADE refers to food-grade raw materials


③ Does it contain binders, emulsifiers or lubricants?

No, absolutely not!

With no added binders, emulsifiers or lubricants, arrr supplements are in powder form!

🔎Do you know that pets cannot take nutritional supplements for a long time?

Just as long-term use of nutritional supplements can put a burden on the human liver, so do pets!

However, arrr supplements contain the liver-protecting ingredient milk thistle, which is used as a treatment for liver damage

and is used to protect the liver from toxins


🔎 What is the difference between the four colors?

Cat nutrition products have 4 different functions, and the color of the outer box is different, which is easier to distinguish!


​⚠️Although there are a total of 4 different functions, it is not recommended to feed 4 different functions at the same time!

We do not recommend taking 4 different functions of cat cheer at the same period/same day. (Example: Do not take Cat Cheer A+B+C+D at the same period) As overdose can result due to overlapping ingredients!

We recommend feeding up to two different functions of cat cheer
on the same period/same day and feeding them separately in the morning and evening. (Example: Cat cheer ''A'' in the morning, and Cat Cheer ''B'' in the evening)

Well, you can always purchase again after the 1st box is finished.


And each side will have a 30-day countdown table

This is to prevent you from forgetting whether to feed the cat today.
There is a recordable form next to the package for easy marking!







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