【Pet Tips】Dog parents come and see! 3 precautions for dog walk inform to you🚨

【Pet Tips】Dog parents come and see! 3 precautions for dog walk inform to you🚨

I believe that for pawrents, taking their dogs for a walk is a daily necessity.

In the process of walking, through the stimulation of smell, can reduce stress, increase pleasure and maintain muscle mass, and it can also enhance the emotional connection with the owner.

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In addition, except for cleaning up dog poop, do you know what else to pay attention to?

1. Appropriate walk times vary depending on your dog's size

High-energy working breeds need much more exercise than small dogs.

-Small dogs: 1~2 times a day, about 5~10 minutes each time

-Medium-sized dog: 2 times a day, about 20~30 minutes each time

-Large dogs: 2~3 times a day, about 1 hour each time

But you still need to adjust the walking time according to the condition of the dog that day.

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2. Don't forget to use leash & chest harness

When going out for a walk, be sure to prepare a leash of the appropriate length for the dog and a chest harness that fits the body size and will not compress the trachea🙌🏻

When encountering some emergencies, the leash and harness can prevent the dog from rushing or getting lost.✨

3. Outdoor essentials

In addition to bringing your dog's drinking water and poop cleaning supplies

In areas where it is hot all year round and there are many mosquitoes, it is even more necessary to prepare special insect repellants for dogs!

If a human being bitten by a mosquito, it will swell and itch for many days at most. But dogs are different!

If you are not careful, you may be infected with heartworms through mosquito bites. Through blood, it can invade your pet's pulmonary artery and heart.

Because the symptoms are not obvious, usually by the time the owner finds out, it is often turn serious

So how to prevent heartworms?

The following two anti-mosquito products are recommended:

【Buzz-free clip】

1.Natural essential oil ingredients

Contains natural eucalyptus essential oil that pests hate

2. Compact size & easy to use 

Prevent dogs licking design!
Can be clip on collars, bags, clothes, leash, etc.

The effective distance is 1.5~2m
And can last for about 45~60 days

Great value for $9.8 only!

3.Luminous function

Provides safety for your dog on night walks
Keep your dog visible at night time or in dark environment

Buzz-free mist

1. Four natural essential oil ingredients

In addition to effectively blocking pests, dogs with sensitive skin can also use it with peace of mind


2. Excellent moisturizing and antibacterial effects

Added CICA extract and cypress water

In addition to providing moisturizing, it also has deodorant and antibacterial effects.

3. Easy to carry

Available in two sizes - General size (120ml) & Pocket size (15ml)
The general type has larger capacity and wider spraying range
Suitable for spraying on pets before going out

The pocket type is a size that can be easily put into a pocket or an outing bag
Perfect to take with you when you travel or go for a walk

Let's have a safe walk with our dog!

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